vendredi 1 août 2014


Hi everyone , how are you ?
At the beginning I wish a nice Aid to all Muslims with full of joy, success and health.
Every Holidays , i gain a lot of weight . Ice cream, cakes, candies, restaurants ...
Delicious things but not so good for our bodies
This year I decided that it's gonna be a healthy summer . Sport and eating healthy

Today I'll talk about a workout that not only made ​​me lose weight but it also plays an important role in my hole life
I tested for you running

At first I was not a fan at all. I get out of breath very quickly. I can't even run for 5 minutes
I thought that running was not for me.
My sister is a big fan of sport  (she runs 10 km to 20 km) . She gives me the power to continu every time . I started slowly 5 minutes, 10 minutes ... until i get to 45 minutes
When I reached 5 km, I was very proud of me.

Running is cardio. Running works the legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach ... So all the body. Each time I finished my run I was exhausted, but my mood was at the top.
If you want to start choose a confortable shoes to not injure your body.
The place to run? Beach, garden, wherever you want .

With running I was able to improve my breath, burn calories (between 300-600), reduce my stress, regain energy ...
Plus running costs nothing. Put on a pair of shoes , comfortable clothing and voila
For my part, my shoes are from Nike


As you know, now I am in Paris. I try to eat as much  possible healthy and stay active all day
Examples of foods that I eat:
All these products are Auchan

Hope that you enjoy this article . Let me now your opinion please and don't forget to follow me on Facebook . Love you <3